This opportunity is for a E&I technician for the long term MOD 5 migration project for the LHC (Over the next ten years). This position can led to full time employment.

The E&I Technician (MOD 5 migration) will check large E&I installations after construction! From cabling to the instrument and control system (DCS). That makes you indispensable!

As an E&I commissioner, you play a key role in the delivery of new installations, stops and renovations. You are present at various locations of our customers in the Zeeland region. It is important that you perform both 'E' and 'I' work. You test the motors and lighting, but you are also responsible for various types of 'I' tests, such as cold wiring tests, hot commissioning tests and the testing of the operating system (DCS). These tests are neatly recorded through test sheets. We are working to automate this, so that it costs you as little time as possible in the workplace. We would like to see you more on site and less concerned with administration! When there is a malfunction you make the diagnosis. Finally you give advice at the start-up.

As an E&I technician for commissioning you will work independently to check and commission all common electrical and instrumentation installations, control cabinets and panels, as well as to test and remedy faults in this mainly industrial environment based on specs and instructions that you got. You therefore have experience with installing and replacing wiring and hardware, adjusting / adjusting and updating hardware and ultimately testing and commissioning the relevant installation. You also have experience with drawing up and completing an action / check list and creating an inspection report for the responsible department.

Some activities are e.g. :

  •  Tests ABB cabinet testing by simulating inputs and outputs (AI / AO / DI / DO) together with a Process Automation Engineer. This activity is done at the control room building and often includes 1 CEN (Controller Cabinets), between 2 to 4 IOEN (Input/output Cabinets) and ABB Clients running the furnace application.
  •  Participates in dedicated “SIS Validation Procedures” training to be delivered by Manufacturing Representative and “ABB hardware” training.
  • MBO level 4 electrical (electrical background diploma, electrotechnical background diploma, or Instrumentation background diploma);
  • A few years of experience as an E&I Technician;
  • Command of the Dutch and (basic) English language;
  • You are flexible, your work area is wide.